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Ron Herbes Cam Failure #584

New 8/10/05, 8/15/05

Larry, I am not sure how to get on the list for cam failure but here is my information if you can either help me or direct me where to go I'd really appreciate it, Ron Herbes (contact info deleted) Taurus SHO 98K auto trans Cam Failure VIN# I have it at home I will bring it in and e-mail it to you I would greatly appreciate your help? Also maybe you can help me is it possible with having a SHO motor when the cam failed any chance that I can just have the cam fixed and not have the motor opened up for either valve damages or pistons? I was told just in conversation that I am screwed?? any answer on this as I have my SHO in my garage UNFIXED?

Ron Herbes 

Yes I am another with 1996 Taurus SHO blues! CAM FAILURE, Please put me wherever I need to go or please guide me where to go to get help with this class action list and whatever else you can do for me, as of now I still have not fixed my Taurus it sits in my garage with the one valve cover taken off waiting for help.

here is my info

Ron Herbes (delete Info) 1996 Ford Taurus SHO Vin # 1FALP54N8TA265863 Odometer reading 980033 I was traveling about 35mph upshifting easy from stop and go around town I HAVE NOT TAKEN IT ANYWHERE EXCEPT TO MY FRIEND AT THE LOCAL PEP BOYS AND HE HAD HEARD OF THIS SO HE TOLD ME AND THEN I FOUND YOU GUYS,,



Ron Herbes


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