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Ronald Turner - Cam Failure

updated 8/17/02

I have a 1997 SHO with 69400 miles on the odometer. I purchased it used June 2000 with 39400 miles. I too was a previous Ford owner with both a Anniversary Edition '84 Mustang GT 350 and a '87 Mustang GT. After numerous problems with my Mustangs, I also swore that I would never buy Ford products again. But after 13 years of driving old family cars I felt I could trust Ford again and purchased my SHO.

I was feeling confident again until February 5, 2002 when the starter went up. No problem I thought because I purchased Ford's ESP warranty for just such an emergency. I took it to Koon's Ford in Baltimore, MD, there only to find also that the transmission needed replacement and the oil light started to flicker while under their care. After 3 weeks I had my car again, but 1 week later the oil light came on again. So I immediately drove back to Koons. After initially accusing me of not regularly changing oil, they gave me the bad news of "NO PARTS AVAILABLE". A new engine was ordered at the cost of $13,000.00 but only because I had ESP( not Extra Sensory Perception to see what was coming!) I was charged the difference of NADA Value and the $13K which came to $1000.

My SHO has been in and out of the shop 5 out of 6 months this year for (2) starters, tranny replacement, engine replacement, electrical diagnostic (because they replaced the '97 engine with a '99 that has a different wiring setup), A/C compressor, (2) tranny seals and torque converters.

I was planning to come to the SHO Convention since it was close to home but Ford took care of that for me.

If you guys need additional testimony of how shoddy Ford products and service is, then just contact me to show how


Ron Turner

So with a warranty with $100 deductible it only cost $1000 ? 

A lot of folks with ESP have been putting off welding their cams. $1000 would pay for the cam weld and give you back $550 change. This could change their mind. 


That sucks. I had the Premium Care ESP here in Oklahoma, and I got told at first there were no engines, and then they found one and put it in for me. Engine cost 13 grand, 21 hours of billable labor, and they only charged my $100 deductible. If they were going to say it was over the NADA, they should have just bought the car outright from the customer. I thought for a little while they were going to pay off my loan. Y'all take it easy.

Frank in OKC
99 TG



Well, here I go again! I posted a cam failure report 8/17/02 on my '97 SHO, and after an engine replacement, I thought I could get a few more years and/or miles to enjoy the car. I got 3 years, 1 month and 32000 miles to enjoy the car.

After making the LAST car payment, I parked the car after a hard day at work and that SAME DAY, the car died. At least it was a quiet and quick death. No ticking. No symptoms what so ever. The patient just did not wake up.

Thought it was the starter as it was the initial problem in '02. But I would not be that lucky. Replaced the starter for S's and Giggles. Turned the key and got one hell of a screech from the cam area. The new starter started to smoke and I now believe; Lightning WILL strike twice in the same spot and Murphy's Law is a proven fact!!!

I will not even consider talking to Ford due the fact the car is now out of warranty, unlike in '02 when they had to at least talk to me. I will submit my complaint to the Maryland Attorney General and invest in a lawyer.

I will most likely start parting the vehicle out to whoever wants the remaining working parts of a '97 SHO and remove this garbage from my insurance policy.

I wished there was a Cam Welder around as I would have gladly paid him to put the SHO on life support at least until I could have sold her. But now there's nothing left to do but enjoy looking at it parked in front of my house and remember the good times we had. NONE!!

To the remaining SHOer's that have not welded, don't delay. For even a new out of the crate engine will not guarantee happiness for long. I'll keep checking on this site to see the obituaries and updates. Good luck to you guys as you have enlightened me a lot about Ford and the Taurus SHO.

Ron Turner

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