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Ruby Anderson - Cam Failure #177

new 1/12/03

My name is Ruby Anderson my address is 18047 Strasburg Detroit MI. 48205 my home number is ( 313-372-0700) on April 5, 2002 I purchased my used Ford 1997 Taurus Sho at Roy O'Brien, Inc 22201 E. Nine mile St Clair Shores. The vehicle vin# 1falp54n6va210203. The vehicle had 52,819 miles. On December 23, 2002 I towed my vehicle to AL Long Ford dealership because the vehicle would not start. I have 60,326 miles on vehicle. Was informed that my vehicle had zero compression and the intake valves was bent. The Ford tech called Ford and I was told the cost of a replacement motor would cost 14,800.00. I was told Ford would pay only the blue book value of my vehicle 8,075.00 and I would have to pay 6,708.00 plus 780.00 to tare down the motor. After Ford tare down the motor an inspector from Ford would come out to check the motor to see if it was neglect on my part. I spoke to an attorney he told me that I might have to sue Ford because according to my extended warranty it states the engine is covered. He also stated the ExtraCare policy states it is ideal if you want the "peace of mind" of lasting protection. Lastly I called a few Ford dealers and I was told there is no replacement motor for the Sho vehicles the tech said my engine would probably be torn down and put back together with new parts, and that would cost approximately 13,000.00. Thank You I Look Forward To Your Response


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