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Russell Williams - Cam Failure #731

New 8/28/06

You can add me to the list of cam failures. I have a black 1997 SHO VIN# 1FALP54NOVA268310 with 117,000 miles.

In the first part of August 2006 I noticed a ticking from the rear valve cover. Two days later I was driving in a parking lot at low speed and the engine died. I restated the car and it sounded like it was running on 4 cyl. After removing the rear valve cover I found the sprocket on the intake cam was spinning freely and the exhaust valves on cyl 3 & 4 were all bent. I haven't got an estimate for repairs yet but I'm not sure if it is worth repairing.

I also had a total transmission failure in August of 2005 and had to have the transmission replaced.
If you could add me to the class action suit I would appreciate it.
Russ Williams

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