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SAI issues, P1413 - Resolved

New August 7, 2011

I just fixed a P1413 issue on my car, just thought if it hasn't been done so already, I'd like to add some info to the list so someone else can save some time and headache with this issue.

I bought a smog pump just in case and when I went to actually do the work I found out I didn't need a pump. I actually just found a corroded terminal wire to the relay or as ford calls it "Solid State Relay" and no power to the cable. I checked the fuses and they were all ok. I didn't feel like splitting the loom and tracing a green or broken cable so I just added a new fused connection and replaced the corroded terminal on the connector. I had also bought a new relay just to replace it while I was in there. Something for everyone to note, you can get them aftermarket, just everyone sells it as an "ABS RELAY" and I'm going to assume the "AIR PUMP RELAY" is actually the ABS relay. The Ford SAI system drawing even shows it wrong, shows a four terminal relay when it is actually five. The connector face illustration does show the correct connector for the air pump relay/ EAM solid state relay with five pins.

Connector 106 - Pin readouts are:

PIN 1 - Wh - Circuit 17 - Power (Hot at all times)
PIN 2 - Wh/Og - Circuit 190 - EAM Solid State Relay Monitor
PIN 3 - Bn - Circuit 200 - EAM Solid State Relay
PIN 4 - Bk - Circuit 57 - Ground
PIN 5 - Rd - Circuit 361 - Power (Hot in start or run)

Looking at the connector with the clip on the top, the pins are 5 4 3 2 1.

The smog pump R&R info is great on the V8SHO website, the work isn't... haha. I used a lift at work to get at everything easier. I actually couldn't loosen the subframe bolt because I forgot my impact gun at home so I just unbolted the smog pump bracket from the subframe and turned the pump so I could get access to the relay and connector. Once done it's really easy to test, just clear the check engine light or disconnect the battery and cycle the engine on a few times. If anything is wrong, it will come on in two cycles.

Looking back I should have taken some pictures, but it was hot, late and I wasn't in the mood to do much more than get the check engine light fixed... Anyways, I hope this info is useful for you guys and saves someone some time and $$$.

- Xavier

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