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SHO Clear Headlight Protectors

new 6/12/03

Hello Tim,

My name is Willie Rosario. I'm from New York City and I have a 1998 white SHO. In matter of fact, I'm listed on the owner's directory on your wonderful and resourceful site. I found a good product for the SHO headlights that would protect them from scratches, pitting, and discoloration. The product is from WEATHERTECH (www.weathertech.com). The part number is Lamp Guard H0505. I will like to know if you could post this on the site so the SHO community could protect those expensive headlamp assemblies.

Thank you,
Willie Rosario
98 SHO 

I attached two pictures of the product.

 headlight.jpg (160953 bytes)   headlight 2.jpg (130147 bytes) 

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