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SHO Compliment To Share

New 10/15/2004

SIL and her fiancÚ Andy recently visited California on vacation and I generously offered them use of my '97 SHO. They accepted, and spent a week touring Yosemite, Tahoe, Napa, etc. When they returned to our house Andy couldn't stop raving about the car.

"That's one SICK Taurus" was his first comment. Andy is a newly minted anesthesiologist who owns a 2000 Mercedes e-class as his daily driver. He was in total disbelief that the SHO came from the factory like this. Among his compliments:

1. The SHO "flies!" Freeway power and high speed handling makes his Benz feel like a Buick.
2. Interior comfort and stereo sound quality "not like any Ford I've ever seen." (props to the new Infinity 5x7's)
3. He was flabbergasted to learn that the SHO is 8 years old. "Looks and feels newer than my 2000 E320" (thanks to Mallinson's product line and the dry California climate)
4. "If Ford made all their cars like this one they wouldn't have the bad rep."

Andy is a leadfoot but not a hardcore car guy, so take his opinions for what they're worth. Nevertheless, it's fun to occasionally take pleasure in the bewildered musings of a SHO virgin.


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