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SHO Halfshafts

New 8/30/05

   I put in a whole new CV axle (or "halfaxle" or "halfshaft", if you prefer) just because the ABS ring was cracked.       

On 8/27/05, Paul L Fisher <sho@paul-fisher.com  wrote:       Exactly! Lifetime warranty from Rock Auto for around $60.

   Sounds reasonable to me. 1st time took a while but I bet I could do the next    one in under 2 hours, probably 1.

            Paul L Fisher

  I don't understand, when you replace a CV joint you have to replace the   half-shaft as well? or are they 2 separate pieces?


Get new inner and outer tie rod ends too. Go to www.raxles.com  and get NEW CV joints with new inner tire rod ends for the cheap with the half shaft axle. The rebuilt CV joints/halfshafts are le junk.


Here's the reply I got from Raxles about the GEN 3 SHO axles which are unique to the Taurus.

Thank you for you inquiry!
The axles for your 97 SHO are $129.95 per side. Please keep in mind when comparing prices that at Raxles we use NEW outer joints on all of our axles. (An industry exclusive) (See our website www.raxles.com/nogrind.htm for further elaboration on this important fact). We build these out of HD NEW components using Amsoil synthetic grease,new nuts, and the BEST CV boots. Let me know if I can be of help!

Raxles..Better With New ..Let Us Prove It!
Raxles Inc
2341 NW 71st Pl
Gainesville FL 32653



I remember Uncle Lar's Axels were not so very cheap to repair either. Close to Paul's price IIRC.

-- Eric Lehmann

$149.00 per side. I'm sure you remember that the work was nicely done.

Larry E

I paid the price and got mine from Raxles. Didn't want to take a chance on the cheaper ones from Advance Auto, etc.

Richard Wills

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