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SHOlando - Cam Failure # 212

new 2/12/93

Darn Darn Darn, I knew the odds were against me, but I thought I'd avoid it!

My 1st GEN III SHO - a 1996 just bit the Cam Failure bug! Rear Bank too! I guess I could say that Ford has a 25% failure rate now, since my other SHOs are still ok.

Sitting at a stop light after getting off the highway. I took my foot off the brake and started to accelerate and I hear 'pop pop pop pop pop', back off the accelerator, and put my foot back on it, and pop pop pop pop. I limped 1 mile to work, and just had it towed home.

I'm now weighing my options, fortunately I have several. 1) Use the 1997 SHO as a donor, and transplant the cams (head, if necessary) after having the cams pinned or welded. 2) Tow the car to Atlanta and have Doug weld them (again hopefully NO head damage) 3) Find someone locally to weld the cams for me.

4) Kirk, are you out there - it's sunny and warm in Florida, high this weekend is going to be 78 degrees. I'm sure I could get local interest for a SPRING CAM FESTIVAL IN FLORIDA!!!! 

Rob Lawn
failure at 119,000 miles

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