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Same Old Ford Customer Service

new 5/25/02


I hope everyone has written their letters and phoned the call center.

Even though I'm in the UK, I just called the call centre in the US and got charged international calling rates to do so.

The basic run of the call was.

Ford: Oh so you don't reside in the US please call the UK CRC.

Me :Yes but I bought the car from ford US while I lived in the US and Ford UK would have no idea about the Ford Taurus let alone the SHO as they don't sell them here.

Ford: Yes but you need to call the UK CRC.

Me :No I will register my concern here. I bought the car in the US. Or is it that Ford US took my money and now that I'm out of the US I don't matter.

Ford: But sir you don't have a concern.

Me :Yes I am concerned about my vehicle. My friends SHOs have had CAM failures and these seem to be happening at an alarming rate.

Ford: But there's nothing wrong with your vehicle.

Me :Yes but mine is approaching 70000 miles which is when the failures seem to be happening

Ford: Ford vehicles are only covered up to 36000 miles

Me :But for our cars 70000 should not be a problem.

Ford: Sir but you don't reside in the US

Me :Yes but I bought the Vehicle from Ford US I want to register my concern.

Long Pause

Ford: What is your VIN

Me :Read out VIN and give details of my old address in the states and my current UK phone number.

Ford: Your concern has been registered. Would you like the number for the CRC in the UK

Yes okay.

Me :Wait two minutes (while paying international charges).

Get number, goodbye.

The call lasted about 20 minutes of wonderful frustration.

To be fair this is from my memory though I am typing this immediately after the call. Rest assured I will call the UK number on Monday, and register my sole concern there.

So please everyone write your letter and please call Ford. I believe if you are in the US the pleasure of calling Ford is toll free. Remember the expression it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Let's make some noise.

Thanks for reading,

98SHO in the UK



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