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Scan Tools

New 3/16/05

I'm happy with my $39.99 Harbor Freight code reader. It only reads codes that are thrown when the CEL comes on and stays on, but those are the only ones that are critical to me.

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 07:17:25 -0500, Scott Krietemeyer > That is fine if you only have need to retrieve codes from the PCM. That "scan tool" will NOT retrieve other codes (such as ABS, airbag,> GEN, PATS etc).

I am interested in acquiring a scan tool and I need some feedback. Pep Boys has an Actron Mod # 9145 on sale for $180 with the rebate. Any suggestions?

-- Dan Carman

I've got a Equus OBDII code reader and I love it.  It will do any OBDII car regardless of make and it can be had for about $130 or less.

You can get AutoTap for 200, read all the codes, clear them, and monitor tons of extra info from the PCM that you normally canít see. spend the extra 20 and get 10 times the scan tool IMO. www.autotap.com. If you want a really useful tool and you donít mind spending a bit more, get the Ford parameters for it, Iím going to order them when I get around to it. There is a lot more I can look at with that upgrade than with the basic parameter set.


I'll second that endorsement. I love the Equus, easy to use, works across all makes and fits neatly in the glove box. - Harry

I can say the same for my <$40 Harbor Freight code reader. Not trying to nit-pick, but the Harbor Freight tool is just so cheap... and it works.  - Dan

Scan tool that fits in the glove box = good (I guess) Car that you need scan tool in glove box = not good.

Ryan Dudek

Personally, I got VAG-COM from www.ross-tech.com for $239. It runs on a laptop. It lets you set all sorts of parameters as well.

Oh.... you wanted it for a Ford?

Paul L Fisher

Haha very true,

2 blocks to the autozone = Free.

Good enough for me, I'll have to check out that harbor freight one though.

Ryan J Pasch

<G> Not always used for scanning mine, just a handy tool to have. I get an occasional MIL, catalytic converter not at full efficiency (something like that), I clear it and it'll not pop back up for a couple of months. Yes, I will get it sorted at some point. - Harry

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