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Scott Hansen - Cam Failure #221

new 2/17/03, updated 2/19/03, 8/25/05

Hello my name is Scott Hansen, on August 18th 2002 my girlfriend's and my 1996 Taurus SHO's Intake cam on the odd bank of the motor failed.
vin# 1FALP54N2TA253126
failed on August 18th, 2002
It was on city streets taking off from a stop sign, light throttle, slow speed.
the car had 100,175 miles on it
15 mph estimated speed it was under acceleration
purchased used, we are the 5th owner
68,xxx miles on it when we bought the car

Scott Hansen, Erin Riley

It was about a week prior to failure we started to notice a power loss and a slight clicking or ticking in the motor, I called the SHO SHOP they said to stop driving the car, but I had no other vehicle at the time, so I needed to drive it. Almost exactly a week later and 125 later complete failure.

When I took the car to the Ford dealership where we bought it they neglected to tell me that my extended warranty was up until after they replaced the MAS airflow sensor, ECM, and a number of other things totaling up to over $900.00. They then called me to tell me that there was now compression in the front bank of the motor. They wanted a thousand dollars to just diagnose the problem, I picked up the car and it has been sitting since, we are both in school and cannot afford to fix it. We still owe $8000.00 on the car and have been paying for it every, We have written numerous times to Ford with no reply.

Tousley Ford in White Bear Lake is where we bought the car and taken it to get fixed, they never determined that it was the cam, I just this night found it warm enough to get the car in the garage and take a look, I had the cam out in about 35 minutes and have taken pictures of it which I will send in tomorrow. I was really amazed how easy the cam came out, I guess I was lucky that it happened to the intake cam on the front and not any of the others.......

FOMOCO can reimburse me for all of the towing charges, the stuff I paid for to fix the car that did not, and pay for the new cams, I am not sure if I want to just fix this one cam and continue to drive the car or due all four, I can really only afford to due the spark plugs, so.....

Scott Hansen 

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Well 3 years after the cam failure the car runs tonight, sometimes. the theft deterrent systems seams to have a glitch where it wont let the car start, It will run for a second then kill. the theft light flashing on the dash. Any Ideas? Sometimes it will start. most of the time it will not. but I would like to fix it instead of playing slots with the car on if it will start or not. Anyways the cams are welded, and when the car starts it runs great, I cant believe I put it off for three years....... oh well, I have a parts car that I will be getting rid of if anyone is interested, it is a 1996 TR, with grey interior, body is in ok shape, some rust bubbles on the fenders, no motor, and some other small parts are missing, I will either part it out, or sell as whole. so if anyone is interested. Anyways If anybody has any idea on how to fix the Theft problem, let me know.

Scott Hansen 1996 TR (its alive... ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!)

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