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Scott L. - Cam Failure #274 & 275

new 6/21/03, 8/12/03

My name is Scott L. I live in Walled Lake Michigan. I'm 17 and I have a 96' SHO. One of my cams just failed. I heard a clicking sound, assumed it was the serpentine belt, then a day and 50 miles later it dies pulling into the garage. As it turns out I have 4,000+ damage, it's 1100 to drop it and find the real damage, i should know the rest by Tuesday.


By the way my failure was a double failure. It occurred at idle speed, the jack @$$ at the shop tried to tell me that running Mobil 1 synthetic caused the failure. I may think twice about leaving my car there now.


Yes that's okay, but the mileage and place of failure could be added to the site.

1. 1FALP54N0TA243839 
2. 6/19/2003 
3. parking in my garage 
4. 89,600 
5. Idling, parked, about to turn car off 
6. parked, constant speed, RPM's 
7. Used, 04/2003 
8. 82,000 
9. Michael L. 
10. a metallic clicking noise for about 50 miles prior to failure. Nowhere near the 1,000 mile average I've heard of. 
11. none 
12. n/a 
13. D&R Autoworld, (248) 624-7787 
14. yet to be determined 
15. sprocket "walking" off of camshaft. Possibly a jumping timing chain 
16. 1100 to drop the engine and work still being done. 
17. Recall and reimburse failures on the cams.

Well... today is 8/12/03. My failure occurred on 6/19/03. Still no car. I had a third party drive train warranty through Preferred Warranties. They're covering 100% of the labor and parts in the repair. Both my exhaust cams were spun. apparently it is because they are driven by a separate chain form the timing chain. The warranty company says this is the 3rd SHO they've covered and apparently it was always the exhaust cams due to the secondary chain that turns them, whereas the timing chain directly runs the intake cams. However they were even going to cover the welding of the new cams in the replaced heads. However, now the shop refuses to weld them because the sprocket and shafts are two different metals and they're afraid to weld the hollow cams. I guess I'll have to get them welded once I get the car back. At any rate Preferred Warranties got me two new heads complete with cams and replacing my 4 bent valves. It is disappointing that the shop won't weld them... then I could have the warranty company pay for them. O well now that they have the parts it should only be another week....it's already been 8.

-Scott L.

Remember Ford should be on the hook for car replacement & misc costs. Save all your receipts.

Thanks for the update. If you have not yet joined the class action law suit you may want to make that a priority.


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