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Scott Learned Cam Failure # 279

new 7/7/03

I was wondering if anyone knew anybody who can weld cams in the Minneapolis Area. I had a cam fail in February and had the engine replaced for a $6500.00 bill. I called to schedule an appointment at Performance Plus to get the cams welded in the new engine. I called twice, both times he had just filled up the month before I got through. Two days ago the new engine started ticking, frankly I cannot afford another cam to go out and if it does I will park it on some train tracks I'm so fed up with this car.

Buying this car is the worst decision I have ever made, I am missing the tip of a finger because I stuck it in a overhead crane lifting steel. And I still consider this car the worst decision I have ever made. 

Right now the car is parked and will not be started until I can get the cams welded so if you know anyone in the Twin Cities who can do this repair I would really appreciate any information you can give.

Thanks, Scott Learned (Cam Failure #216)

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