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Scott Rose - Cam Failure #167

new 12/30.02

My wife's 96 SHO sits. Cam gear came off the shaft. 109,000 miles. Too costly to repair. Would we have any recourse back to Ford ? In great condition otherwise.


1. VIN#s - 1FALP54NOTA243971

2. Date of malfunction - Approx. 11-1-02

3. Where did the malfunction take place (highway, city streets, driveway, parking lot, etc.) - City street

4. Odometer reading at time of malfunction - Approx. 118,000 miles

5. How fast were you traveling? - My wife came to a stop sign, and the car died.

6. Were you accelerating or staying at a constant speed? - Approaching a stand still.

7. Estimated date of purchase, new or used?- Used, 7-25-98

8. Estimated Odometer reading at time of purchase. - 26,451 miles.

9. Full Name, address, and a good phone# to reach you at during the day and night. - Scott A. Rose, 

10. Brief description of the time of events leading towards the malfunction. (what did you hear and see before, during, and after the malfunction) - Before malfunction, car operated normally. Car engine dies at a stop sign. Will turn over, but will not catch. Seemed like the fuel pump had gone out.

11. Customer service phone # you called and the name of the person you talked to. (if you can remember) - Because of high mileage, and the initial thought that it was a fuel pump, Ford was never contacted.

12. Did you feel satisfied with the answers customer service provided? Explain. - A new fuel pump was installed by a private mechanic, but he quickly figured out we had something else wrong. The valve covers were removed,...and we know the rest of the story.

13. Which dealership did you take your vehicle in for service? (name, address, phone#) - I want Ford to fix this pre-existing defect, that was the cause of the engine failure. Because of this problem, the car is no longer drivable. Just a side note.. we purchased the car from Ford, which was on their used car lot.

Scott A. Rose

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