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Shawana Rudolph Cam Failure #367

new 3/6/2004


Just writing to let you know my right side cam went bad L I have a 96 SHO, with 58,some miles. I am in Anchorage, AK. I just bought my SHO in Oct 2002 with about I think 43,000 miles. Right now it is at Ford waiting to be inspected by a person the warranty people will send out. The car has been making a “ticking” noise for a while like almost 2 months or more. I finally got it in (haven’t drove it in forever, it was just parked). The first time I brought it in I told them that it is possibly the cams, so they hooked it up to a diagnostic computer (which cost me $82 bucks!) and they told me that they would have tear down the vehicle to find the problem and that it would take anywhere from 3 to 11 hours and that I would have to pay out of pocket! I was like no, I will just take my car home and wait for money. I am sure you have heard all this before but I thought I would tell you anyways. So I got a hold of the warranty people and they said that they pay but if they find out it is not covered that is when I have to pay, but Ford told me differently. So I could have had my car back by now! It makes me so mad. But I will email you and give you updates.

Thanks for listening!

Shawna Rudolph

Details Pending.



This is me, Shawna Rudolph #367 on the cam failure list. Just a quick update, I am now happily driving my car again! I got my car back from Ford on Monday the 22nd. All I had to pay was the $100 deductible for the warranty, and $120 for the faster shipment of the parts. The warranty company paid for all parts and labor, which ran up to almost $3,000. I will always be checking up on this site, and every now and then giving you guys updates.



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