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Side Exhaust - by Eric Lehmann

new 4-20/2004

Got a wild hair up my arse and hacked off the exhaust on the Red 97. Left the resonator and 3rd cat. Everything else is on the ground in the driveway. Cut about 100# off the car.
Put on a cherry bomb glass pack with offset ends in the tunnel under the backseat in front of the gas tank. Making the side tips today.
GAWD! Does this thing sound GOOOOOODDDD! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Pix Soon.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony - welded
97 Toreador Red # 285 - welded
96 Willow Green # 326 - FUBAR MOTOR (give me a few weeks)
91 Jade Plus SHO-fa

Here are some pictures I promised. Someone asked for a Movie or Audio clip - I don't have this ability right now.
I have heard 2 SHO's with straight pipes which sounded good but a little too loud for me. I figured, Why Not try to add a tiny bit of muffling to the straight pipe thing. For my taste a cherry bomb glass pack was the perfect answer.
I modified the factory hangers to work with the new setup. Just welded them on where I wanted them.
Side exhaust - Been itchin' to do this for a LONG time



Eric Lehmann

We will work to get you a sound clip soon. I heard them over the cell phone this afternoon, even under those lousy circumstances, it sounded great.



Very nice!! Think I'll add this mod to my list of things to do. Great pix too. Good job.


I'm sending this one out to the list. Usually I'd spare the dial-up subscribers but this one is less than 200k and it's worth it.

That video shows my car with the electric cut-out open by-passing the mufflers, the third cat and resonator (both are removed anyways). I dyno'd it for a difference of about 6 hp. There may be some torque loss but my ET's have shown a very slight improvement and the traps have gone up slightly as well.




Here is some video of Eric's Exhaust in action





If you have trouble viewing them, download Quick Time.

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