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Side View Signal Mirrors 

new 9/17/02

This appears to be a good deal for mirrors.


Paul Nimz
'97 TR

I like side view mirrors with built in turn signals, especially when it it raining or snowing and traffic is thick. You don't have to agree but I have bopped each of my side view mirrors and replacement cost ~ $250 each painted and installed. - Maybe because they are remote, maybe because they are heated, mostly because they are Ford part$.

So just reflecting, here are both mirrors, heated for $189.00.  That is great but based on their photo of sample kit, I don't think the kit includes the actual side view housing. I think you get two flat pieces of mirror with heater and signals in the glass and wires. That is great if you want to add signals to your mirrors for $190 but - I think they should include the whole housing at that price. 


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