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So What Will a Supercharged SHO Produce??

New 10/19/2004

Don't need a lot of words here. Just look.

May be a tad large for you dial uppers. Its worth the wait.  Here's the explanation behind it all - straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.


After driving James Aldrich's SHO with a SuperChip in it to Tulsa for a CamFest last year, I have been wanting to see if I could get that much benefit from it as his car got. Trying a few versions of the SuperChip, I finally decided before it went back to get re-flashed again I would get some numbers to prove to them that it was not making the power they claimed it should and even less HP then the previous run without the chip.

I have to add that somebody was curious after seeing this graph as to why I would do a pull on the dyno in OD. Well after the initial 2 pulls, it was obvious something was wrong so I wanted to make sure at least some of the requested limitations had been taken care of; it is much less hazardous to check these on the dyno then on the local highways, not to mention easier on my insurance rating.

I had no complaints about the transmissions shifting with the chip as the last flash took care of the teeth rattling low speed shifts I was experiencing though it still had several annoying habits with the current program

1) The idle was very unstable

2) It would die intermittently while idling

3) On occasion it would die at about 5000 to 6000 RPM (Can be seen on the dyno graph as a sudden large drop in the first curve)

4) Did not want to stay at a steady speed between 1000 and 2000 RPM no mater what gear

5) While on the Dyno, we discovered it was not opening the secondaries at all

It also did some things very well:

1) No speed limiter! (169mph indicated by the dyno in "D" before I took my foot of the pedal after getting a mental image of the rear strap pulling out of the ground allowing me in the SHO to be catapulted through the cinderblock wall of the shop and maybe two or three other buildings before it stopped the forward trajectory, mortality sunk in. Next run I will use some BIG chain for piece of mind while I attempt to hit the dyno's 200mph limit)

2) High speed shifts on boost yielded lots of spinning tires and squealing noise.

3) Raised the PARK rev limiter to 5000

I am currently working on refitting bigger injectors (24# Cobras) into a modified lower intake and adding a Lightning 80mm MAF after we tune the ECU with a SCT package. Then back to the dyno, stay tuned.

Carter Fuji

'97 ES Whoosh
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