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Spark Plug Repair Kit


It has been a long time since I have posted. I have had 2 spark plugs shoot out of the head of my 98 SHO. I have taken off the valve cover (a friend asked me as to why I have the camshafts welded...boy was that a nice talk). The threads look pretty bad. I would like to know, what is the best rethread kit out there for our cars? What kits have people used on the list and have had success? I would hate to remove the head just to repair the spark plug wells. While I have the valve cover off, I also took the extra liberty of revving all the intake runners and the surge tank. Time to get a good cleaning done and check the rear spark plugs.

Thanks in advance for your input and advice.

Loukas Zannopoulos
98 SHO


I repaired a #3 cyinderl blow out a couple years ago. This is what I purchased to do the job. The car is still running fine today. I would judge the sealing of the insert to be superior to the Helicoil repair and this kit is designed to repair the head in place. Tool length is designed to work in deep wells. Yes it is a little expensive but worth every penny. At the time I purchased my kit (same price listed now), it came with 5 inserts. Repair time was about 1/2 hour and this included cutting the threads in three increments, pulling the step tap each time
to clean the cuttings and repack with bearing grease. Lucien





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