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Title: Spark Plug Changes


As my email stated today the AWSF32fm Plug that is the stock Ford Double Platinum plug will soon be not available. I was at my local dealership today picking up a few experimental OEM parts, and like I normally do I walked in to the parts area and went shopping. When I went for Plugs; someone left me a bulletin from Ford about recent changes and deletions from their plug selections.

Our Plug AWSF32FM has been replaced with AGSF32FM's, The plug is a bit different in the fact this the new one has a full thread instead of the half thread. Its still 14mm thread, and uses the 5/8 socket to dig them out. I have attached a few pictures for you to look at and post on V8SHO.COM. The First set that I have installed was today in Nathan Brown's Silver V8, Nathan is a list member and I'm sure he will let us know if anything seems to go wrong with the plugs. Also Like I said I bet there are BOAT loads of the AWSF32FM's left but you may have to order them if you want "that" plug. The new one is a direct replacement and the only thing you HAVE to do is change the Gap on them, whatever else uses these plugs uses them with a Gap of .053 while our car uses a .042-.044 gap.

Kirk J Doucette

Our thanks to Kirk for the heads up on the change.


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