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Spark Plug Part Numbers

New 5/15/05

On 5/4/05, Ben wrote:  ok I hope i dont get yelled at, I know how you all are about checking the   site out first. ok well I DID so don't yell at me!!!!!!     I am looking for replacement spark plugs, and i know that the motorcraft   plugs are recommended. I saw the part number is like AWSF32 whatever......     ok well I went to carparts.com to order some and theres like 3 different   motorcraft plugs.     theres the AGSF32FM and the AWSF32FM     Whats the difference in these 2 choices?   


 the "W"s are original equipment and discontinued. The "G"s are a fine wire version which replaces them

 Eric Lehmann

they are the originals? If they are discontinued, then why does carparts.com still have them?


Old stock. You'll be able to find those for a while. I think it's been a couple of years since Ford brought out the new fine wire plugs. They're a superior plug anyway. I'd use those.


I thought the AWSF32FM were a fine wire plug also. I was going to pick up a set of the older one's but if the newer ones are better I will go with those. How are the newer Spark Plugs Superior.


The fine wires require (in theory) less voltage to fire. The theory is that a sharper tip will discharge more easily. What happens is the voltage builds up until the voltage is sufficient to jump the gap. If that happens at a lower voltage then it should be easier on the coils. And everybody knows these coils need all the help that they can get.


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