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Starting Gremlins Fixed

New 08/09/05

Having my staring problems reappear I decided not to whine to the list yet again. You have told me many ideas that I decided to try as the gremlins reappeared. Well they did in a very uncharacteristic way. The other morning when I went to go to work it did it but fired up just before I was going to give up. So much for my temperature theory. Then again today when I came home for lunch in its more traditional form. Anyway I decided to try the CPS and I think that may have been it. The car now starts much quicker than it has for quite a while. I have attached a picture of the old and new together. I don't know if the old one has some wear pattern or if that was just a difference in manufacturing. I can't imagine any wear as it should never touch anything.

Rich Larsen


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