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Starwars Cupholder Repair

New 01/22/2005

Ok so this is a 1 wrench project. It still brings me satisfaction to
keep getting a car closer and closer to factory new condition.

One of the little nagging things about my 96 that bugged me was that
when I got it back from my folks the driver's cup holder did not pop
out. Sill as it is, the pop out cupholders were something novel about
the car when I bought it new. Kind of like the cool Saab cup holders
that pop out of the dash like a CD, then rotate into place. Just a
clever little piece of mechanical engineering.

I bought a replacement mechanism from a list member in used condition
for a great price. He had replaced his with a new unit because it was
a bit worn. Upon examining the unit, I decided the plastic tab on the
holder that slides into a slot on deployment was probably broken. So I
took just that piece out of the working unit.

I noticed on the used unit that one of the tabs was broken, so taking
my unit out I pried where the console meets the next piece 1/2 way up the shifter
enough to be sure the 1/8 inch tab cleared completely on each side.
One each tab was released the whole piece just lifts out (with the arm
rest open).

I transplanted the foam tab from my unit to the replacement, put the
little holder back in, then got the little curved piece of plastic
back into place after a few tries. The curved piece is what holds
holder in on the first click, and out on the second one. You have to
line up the slot in the mating piece first, then hold the screws in or
it does not quite line up right.

Popped it back in place in 5 seconds and it works like new. It was a
simple little project but very satisfying.

Now to find the right color of interior leather dye and try getting
the bare spots on the arm rest matching the rest of the leather.

'96 TR SHO


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