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Steering Racks

new 11/17/2003, updated 4/17/2009

updated 4/17/2009

Hello everyone.
ok, so the leaky steering rack has been removed from my 97 PG.
Unfortunately, I ordered the replacement rack before I had the old one
out to actually confirm the fitting type. The replacement rack (in the
first picture) has screw fitting hard lines (I believe I'm looking at
the right thing.) These do not appear to be the same as what the leaky
rack has (photo two) so I'm guessing what I have is banjo fittings.
The question that follows is; what difference does this make? Just
from looking at it, it seems like either one will bolt up. Why are
there two different types of fittings for these lines? what's the

TIA for your input
Kate Gubert
97 ES welded 235k
97 PG cam failure #754 95k
drilled front struts
IMRC gone
3rd. cat gone
trunk mounted battery


2 reasons

1) is that during the rebuild process they just did away with the fittings
and made up new lines.. (those are the balance lines attached to the rack?

2) wrong rack sent to you.

As Clare mentioned, those are lines that come with the rack and should have
no bearing on the actual installation. I would check to make sure the lines
that go from the car to the rack fit and double check the part number to
make sure of the application and as long as the only difference is in those
'self service' lines, got to town.

Paul L Fisher

Thank you everyone...
It turns out that one of the lines was damaged on the replacement rack so I will have to send it back anyway. It looks like that rack with the screw fittings would have fit, but I am exchanging it for the banjo type just to be sure. We'll see if this one works out.
The people at buysteering.com have been very helpful, very understanding
Thanks again!


For some reason the Figure of $700.00 to replace our racks in V8's sticks in my mind, not to mention that most likely they are no longer available in new form. 

Perhaps this is old news, but FWIW here it is. Seems to be the real deal. And yes, they are reman'd but looks like a strong warranty.

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