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Stereo Self Test - Speaker Check And Diagnostic Codes

New 01/22/2005

Those of you that still have the stock MACH system in you car can do this if
you are bored or merely inquisitive.

With the key in the run position push and hold down the "4" & "6" buttons,
note some may be the "3" & "6" buttons. This will go into the speaker test
mode, each speaker should come on in order, not sure what the order is, but
it will be lf, rf, rr, lr and so on.

Next, push the tune ">" button, this will put you in the DTC mode (
diagnostic trouble codes), Push eject to clear the codes. These codes are
in hexadecimal, if you get a code and want to know what it is, send me an
Tune ">" again and you are in the signal strength mode. It will tell you
the strength of a signal from 1-99.
Tune ">" again and you are in software mode, don't ask me, some
programming menu, no idea what to do with it.
Tune ">" again and you are in the display segment test.

Just thought some of you would get a kick out of messing with your

Brent Savage


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