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Stereo Wiring - Pin Out Guide

New 03/18/2005

Fellow V8SHO NON replaceable stereo owners.
Figures you can get a replacement face to run a normal stereo head unit for
a non auto climate control Taurus...seriously. UGH
Anyway I'm looking for a pinout guide to the back of the stock deck.
Looking to grab signal and use a line level converter to get rca's to my
back amps.
Anybody know what wires I'm looking for??
I figured I'd ask before I start pulling the door panels to trace the wires.
The local dealers here don't even stock those blue trees that hold the
panels on. so I'm hesitant to pull them if I don't have to.

Thanks in advance.
Hyannis Ma


Attached is a drawing of how I did my amp installation using a PAC OEM-2 to
convert the high level speaker outputs from the unit in the trunk to low level
RCA. The color coding of the speaker wires is on the website.

Richard Wills
99 TR

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