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Stratford - Cam Failure #782

New 3-3-07

1997 FORD TAURUS SHO Silver, 8 cyl, Body in good condition, Selling as is, needs motor, $600. (203) 723-xxxx  (2X). Stratford, CT

I called and talked to the lady. 84k, body good, int. good, tires and brakes fairly new. Said that when you drive up a hill it cuts off???? I asked if it does run, she told me yes. I have an appt. Sat. @ 10 am to look at it. Will post pics for those interested. Maybe even video of engine running. Kirk, you interested, only 1 1/2 hours away??? Someone with a spare engine could easily triple their money off this one!! Id snatch it up, but don't have anywhere to store it :(

-- Bill T.

UPDATE on car mentioned below. It did NOT start. Pulled 4 codes, misfiring of cyl 1,2,3,4. They told me it was running, but when he tried to start it for me, it sound like battery was dying. Tried to jump it from my sho but still no luck. I mentioned the v8 website and told owner that I would send pics and if anyone interested they have your contact info below. It a shame. Here is the VIN to add it to the cam fail list. 1FALP54N6VA140136

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