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Stripped Spark Plug Hole

New 5/15/05

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Do I have to remove the head to repair a stripped plug hole? This is on my '97 and the standard too will not fit down in the plug hole far enough.


I dropped the engine from the 97 SF I bought in IL. that was beat beyond recognition . The owner had thought the cams failed again after pouring $4,000.00 into the engine to fix it . He beat the crap out of that car , so bad I decided to part it out . Anyways after getting it home and starting it , it was clear that a rear plug was no longer where it SHOuld be from the popping sound . I went ahead and tore down the alley to make sure the trans and engine would go and confirm that the engine was still good . It ran like a raped jackass and hit all gears . I dropped it to find what I had suspected . The #3 plug was blown completely out and had destroyed the COP . I got my compression gauge to thread about 3 turns as opposed to the 5 turns of the others . I have good compression in all of the cylinders . The engine is fresh w/all new cams but where not welded . Question is , I've heard of other blowing out plugs and repairing the threads . What method had the best results ?

Brian King

Sorry about that.

This is a copy of an email I sent out a while back. This is a permanent repair. The only thing better is welding and reconditioning of the head. The tools to do the repair are about $300.00. I completed a repair on #1 cyl in Oct 04. It works like a champ.

Also Check out http://v8sho.com/SHO/StrippedSparkPlugThread.htm http://v8sho.com/SHO/StrippedSparkPlugThread.htm

This might help. I have to do the same plug soon. Car has been down for about three weeks. Plug stripped during plug change and weld. Good luck! http://www.timesert.com/index.html http://www.timesert.com/FORD%20TRITON%20SPARK%20PLUG%20REPAIR.htm http://www.timesert.com/sprksert.html http://www.timesert.com/howtosp.htm

I have checked out both types. The Helicoil and Insert type from Auto Zone. The helicoil is out of the question for the spark plug application. Because you have to break off a insert tab after install. The tab will end up inside the cylinder.

The insert type is not the right type of insert for our cars. The SHO uses The Ford Triton/Escort Style insert. http://www.timesert.com/FORD%20TRITON%20SPARK%20PLUG%20REPAIR.htm If you did use the the fully threaded Auto Zone type insert. Even though it does fit the Platinum plugs that most use. When installing the insert you can't tell how far into the cylinder the insert is. Because the insert does not have a bevel or seat on top IE will not bottom out. I want a permanent repair just shy of having the head reconditioned or replaced.

Mike Richman


We heli-coiled it yesterday. put a new plug in and ordered 3 new coils as 2 were going bad and not firing strongly enough to burn off everything and the 3rd was destroyed when the plug came out of the cylinder. snapped the coil in half. the plug itself was pretty banged up as well but the threads on the plug were still in good shape surprisingly. I once i get the intake re assembled i will let the group know how she runs. we put all the good coils to the back so that the old ones are up front once again so it will be easier to replace later this winter or come spring. the stripped plug hole was on the front bank second cylinder from the passenger side. aka #6 i believe


Given the joy of this venture, why replace 3 coils? Why not 4? (I know, I know, another $70). However, if the 4th fails in the next couple of months you're going to kick yourself. - Brad

the 4th one was replaced a couple months ago already. that's why only 3 were needed this time. next time around will be all 4. and it was another 76 bucks actually cheapest local price lol.


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