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Sub Frame Bushings


Well, hello everyone - my first post. Hopefully a related question. '96, welded by Eric earlier this summer (hi Eric ! - I got the coil figured out), slowly working on pm items and (eventually, hopefully) upgrades. I know I need to replace the SF bushings now (or before driving anywhere), and want to do some front end work at the same time (tie rods, ball joints, sway bar links, etc). I've been studying the site and posts regarding the sub frame removal, etc. Not sure if this is something I want to tackle alone, with no prior experience, consider myself mechanically skilled enough to take everything apart, however getting it all back together....

I have space in the garage, access to 4 jackstands, and 2 floor jacks. No lift, an engine hoist would require a day's drive both ways to retrieve, if it is still there and not being used. Ben, your post gives me thought, yet I detect a note of possible sarcasm -
"easy as it sounds".

Any advice on shortcuts, preferred methods, etc., for the sub frame ? I haven't found a description of the rear end on the site. I have the replacement oem bushings, ordered the fastener kits, either have the hand tools or means to get them once the car is torn apart. I know I won't learn anything without trying, but where do you guys rate this particular job on the difficulty scale ? Oh, and Ben - at least I'm looking forward to the pictures.....:)

Thanks in advance.
Brian Dunne
For sub frame bushing replacement do the job one side at a time. Get the car up in the air and place jack stands just behind where the rear sub frame bushings are located. Set the car on the stands and move the jack over to the sub frame on one side. Take a little weight with the jack.

Unscrew the main bushing bolts on the side of the car you have the jack supporting the sub frame, IIRC they are 18mm. After removing the 2 bolts, lower the jack a bit - maybe 3 - 4 inches. The rear bushing can be removed at this point. The front bushing is held in with 4 10 mm nuts which must be removed. Swap in your new bushings, jack up the sub frame, and tighten up this side. Move to the other side of the car and repeat. Set the car down and tighten the snot out of the main bolts.

You've just changed your sub frame bushings.

Eric Lehmann
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