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Sub & Amp Install

New 1/09/05

Well, I've been stumped before but, this was way too weird. After all the suggestions, wiring help, stickin' my tongue out and holdin' my jaw just right, I finally got it finished. It's workin' great, as a matter of fact. Richard you are indeed right.....the Black/Pink wire is the one to tap for remote turn-on power. On an amp with remote sensing, it will read the voltage spike (even 5 or so volts) and turn itself on. Actually it's on all the time, as long as the ignition is on.....it just activates the output transformers.
     But, the thing that confused, confounded and befuddled me was the new amp wasn't the problem, all along. It was the factory radio.....Evidently it read a voltage tap, ground loop or something amiss because it completely turned it's output OFF. In other words, all this time I spent thinking I had to go somewhere else for a remote tap was wrong. The amp was on the whole time. There was no output from the radio for the new amp to read. I only found this by accidentally turning up the gain on the amp and just like that......low end feedback. I thought the woofer was gonna come outta the frame................The amp was on.
     To ease the installation, I had decided to use high (speaker level) inputs. Most factory systems these days have decent specs and power and the SHO is no different. Basically 20 watts a channel x 4. But, the factory doesn't wire in RCA outputs. So, using speaker level inputs seemed logical.............Wrong.......................uhhh,
...............HOW 'BOUT ........NO!
     After struggling with this thing for 6 hours today and a couple last night, I finally went to Best Buy where an installer was kind enough to take a look at it for me. Couldn't really say anything looked wrong. But, (crux of the biscuit) he told me they use line converters (speaker level to RCA's) for amp inputs on all their installations that keep the factory radio. After thinking a bit, I thought it might make sense. So, I purchased one, took it home, 30 minutes later.........music......and bass coming out of my sub!!...Sweeeeeet!
     Many thanks to all those that tried to help.....
                                          Rex in Ft. Worth


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