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SubFrame Bushings

new 9/07/02

These look pretty bad.  The pictures aren't great.  Putting on SHOnut aluminum subframe bushings this week.
Ian Macoomb

bushing.jpg (12913 bytes)

bushing2.jpg (16282 bytes)

bushing3.jpg (18566 bytes)

bushing4.jpg (18118 bytes)

bushing5.jpg (17854 bytes)

bushing6.jpg (15451 bytes)

OK I just wanted to kill another V6 Myth. A while ago people were talking about the sub frame bushing and the fitment from a Gen 1-2 against a 3. It was said it was an entirely different design and size and would never fit. Well tonight I was bored and I decided to drop the sub frame and look at them and their differences. Well as the car is going up the sub frame bushings were falling out of the Gen 2 (92 180k) I was like oh shit this is just great. So we take off the bolt and the entire bushing fell and bounced on the ground, except of course for the 4 bolts and the rusted ring (once inside the bushing) so I heated them off and removed them. Now I have a hole and no "Special" Gen 2 bushings, so I grab the brand new ones I just removed from the Gen 3 and GUESS WHAT? Yup they fit in, I did have to take the fingernail file from my tool box and file the 2 1mm tabs on the lower part of the bushing. Boom right in with the air gun, took all of about 15 mins for the whole job. Thanks for the lift and torches…..

For people that want to install better bushings but don’t want the ride of solids, use the Gen 3 bushing for three reasons.

No plate is necessary (under the bolt head to keep the bushing in the car)

The contact point is twice the size for the Gen 3 (top side)

And the top plate being over 3 inches in diameter, it also has 2 (tits) on it to dig into the floor pan for a solid grip.

Have fun with it

Kirk J Doucette
97 White

I saw when they took my old ones out of the '93 that the front's were the same. The Gen 3 rear bushing is a lot better than the Gen 2 rear bushing. In fact I don't think you benefit from solid bushings in the rear of the subframe on the Gen 3. Don't matter as all eight are the same now.

Paul Nimz
'97 TR

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