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Subframe Alignment

New 01/26/2005

1.. Install front frame body insulator to the
front of RH and LH front sub-frame. Install four
nuts to each front frame body insulator and
tighten to 8-11 Nm (6-8 lb-ft).

2.. CAUTION: Do not tighten front sub-frame to
body bolts at this time as the front sub-frame
MUST be aligned to body prior to tightening

With an assistant, align front sub-frame to
body. Install two rear front frame body
insulators. Install four front sub-frame to body
bolts loosely.

3.. Install a 19 mm (3/4 inch) outside diameter
pipe or similar tool into front LH front sub-frame
and body alignment holes. After aligning the
holes, slightly tighten the LH front sub-frame to
body bolt.

4.. Repeat Step 2 on front RH alignment holes.

5.. Check front LH alignment holes with tool.

6.. After front sub-frame alignment is complete,
tighten four front sub-frame-to-body bolts to
77-103 Nm (57-76 lb-ft).


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