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Surge Tank

New new 02/06/2005

Does any have a pictures of surge tank removed. Need to know how the it would look.
Thanks Danny NYC

Look at these pictures http://www.utahfordclub.com/meeting3.htm

Ed Note - If you are on dial up, the jpegs will kill you. Go get dinner and come back


If you are only changing the rear coils and plugs you don't need to separate the runners from the surge tank. Loosen the hose clamps to all the rubber connectors and remove the bolts and brackets holding the surge tank and "roll" the runners and surge tank up and out as an assembly.

Glen Murdock

Hey! that's my car you're looking at! I wouldn't suggest following that
link if you're on dialup - lots of big pictures..

Brad Bender


Man that was the cleanest intake I`ve seen yet .
The two rear bolts on the surge tank are a PITA the first time .

B.King 13

Ok, from 1:00PM to 2:00Pm, I got to the rear coils. I took it slowly trying to make sure I don't mess up. This is of course with stops and looking at the instructions and pics I printed out.

2 things I found out. (1) I don't have a EGR Valve gasket, and (2) I am missing one of the upper surge tank bracket bolts. Mind you, I had my SHO welded for F**E by Ray's Auto and Performance last February 1, 2003. I guess you get what you pay for or NOT. This is, of course, courtesy of the late TKY.

Anyway, would a non-existent EGR Valve Gasket cause a "slight rough idle". Although, I am planning to go to Murray's if they have any and I forgot to get a "heat shield or wrap for the rear wire harness. This rear wire harness is wire harness for the COILS.

1 hr. lunch break is over. Time to go to Murray's and continue with the Rear Coil Change.

BTW, Murray's sells the Wells Coils C1066 @ $59.99+ 6% tax (MI).

$3.99 for the AGSF32FM, I bought 8 and will have spare.

I will not probably have the time to clean the intake runners but will do that in Spring if all goes well today.

Rene Carlos Cruz

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