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Sway Bar Bushings

Thanks to John Hrinsin

I used Energy Suspension and ordered them through the SHO Shop.

front bar 20.6mm    p/n 9-5157
rear bar 26.0mm     p/n 4-5132 (maybe too big 1-1/16", may change to
4-5134 which is for 1")
rear sway bar link  p/n (can't remember)
front strut rod     p/n 4-7119
rear strut rod      p/n 4-7120

John Hrinsin
'95 MTX

Tim, I'm installing the 26MM swaybar, I went and had seen that you updated the webpage, Thanks! Here is the Endlink bushing info from Energy Suspension. Plus some more info on the Swaybar bushings.

[Kirk Doucette] 

Fits most domestic cars, mini trucks and import models that use a conventional style end link system. Set includes: 8 grommets and 8 heavy gauge washers.
I.D.- 3/8", Nipple O.D.- 11/16", O.D.- 1 1/8"





Rear Sway Bar Bushing Set- Sedan Only
20mm 4-5131
1" 4-5134
1 1/16" 4-5132
1 1/8" 4-5133

[Kirk Doucette] 
1"                                   25.40mm                                     4-5134        1"
1.0039"                           25.5000mm
1.0236"                           26.0000mm
1.0433"                           26.5000mm
1.0630"                           27.0000mm                                 4-5132          1 1/16"
1.1220                            28.5000mm                                 4-5133          1 1/8"
I have a used bar and it measured .966" . I would recommend that anyone installing a used sway bar should measure the bar, just ordering a bushing for a 26mm will not work properly and be loose causing no gain.
Part/Set Number Example- 3-4101-R
Example "3"

1- Suzuki
2- Jeep
3- General Motors
4- Ford Co.
5- Chrysler Co. & Mitsubishi
6- Scout/International
7- Nissan/Datsun
8- Toyota
9- Universal Application
10- MG
11- Mazda
12- BMW
13- Ferrari
14- Isuzu
15- Volkswagen
16- Acura & Honda
17- Volvo

General Description-
Example "4"

1- Motor & Transmission Mounts
2- Spring Bushings
3- Control Arm Bushings
4- Body Mounts
5- Stabilizer Bar Bushings
6- Spring Isolators & Strut Stops
7- Strut & Tracking Arm Bushings
8- Shock Eyes & End Links
9- Universal Applications
10- Rack & Pinion Bushings
11- Lubricants
12- Apparel: Shirts, Caps
13- Tie Rod & Ball Joint Boots
16- Steering Couplers

Set No.-
Example "101"


Example "R"

B- Blue
G- Black
O- Orange
R- Red
Y- Yellow

Product Colors
(code G)
(code B)
(code R)
(code O)
(code Y)
Color For Part Number Example- 3-3101R = red


Update Thanks to Kirk J Doucette

Tim, I ordered my bushings today from www.suspension.com these were for the 26mm sway bar. The part number was 4-5134 and this included the endlink bushings as well for only $18.00. The owners name is Bruce, I spoke with him for a while and told him that I would also have this info added to the web page. He carries all energy suspension parts and more . As we were talking he had said 99% of the time has has everything in stock and ready to ship. it was a pleasure to speak with someone who still has an interest in cars and just not just for the money.. 

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