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TPS Adjustment

New 11/8/05

After changing out the intake, talking to Rick Bergstrom about it and reading Mr. Porter's response to my 8k 1-2 shift on SHOforum I decided to check my TPS voltage with the throttle closed. All I have read is to keep it under 1V but as close to that as possible.

My initial measurement was .930V. I could not adjust the TPS I had past .980V. So me being not TPS poor I grabbed another. This one I could get over 1V but you have to apply pressure when tightening it down. I set it to .997V and the next day it was back down to .980V. Adjusted it again and it was over at 1.008V (this also gave me a bit of a high idle).

So it looks like I have to grind out the metal hole reinforcement so that I can set the TOPS to the .997V without any stress on the body of the TPS.

It is easy to check with a voltmeter. Get a paper clip and insert it through the back of the plug while the plug is attached to the middle wire on the connector. Turn on the key and read your voltage. If off loosen the screws and move it a bit. Doesn't take hardly any movement to make big changes so it will take a bit of fiddling with it to get it right. Be sure to check it again the next day.

Go out and read the voltage and report back in. In my case the shift point dropped back down to what it was before the intake swap. And it idles and shifts better.


I am absolutely glad I am not the only one that saw improvements ! It's tough being a troll and a heretic at the same time ;-) My TPS voltage has not changed from my initial settings this past week *crosses fingers* and the driveability seems better than before (ECU relearning?) . NO tip in stumble has returned !
Rick B

Should also include to "check throttle wide open" at WOT the read should be in the 4.8v range . If you can't get a steady read , the voltage increases with large pauses ,or a very slow climb as the throttle is opened- the TPS may be bad . This works for most vehicles with a TPS - the optimal reads may vary slightly . Worked on my Dakota and my Focus & now the Cougar .
Rick B 

The V8SHOs TPS will (should) go max voltage at +85% throttle.


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