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TSB - Hold Your Car for Ransom

new 12/8/03

Just for kicks and giggles I went into a Fud dealer as a green SHO owner (pun intended), said I'd heard there was a TSB concerning the cam sprockets on the beast and asked what would it cost to have the TSB actioned.

Took'm a while to find the TSB (Oh forgot, the first dealer I tried couldn't find it) when they did it didn't contain the book time so they worked it out and came up with 18hrs, plus parts. $85/hr. They said about $1700-$1800 dollars.

I didn't enlighten them - they obviously don't see that many.

John Jones

Just a reminder, one can get their cams welded, plugs changed and intake cleaned by any number of expert SHO mechanics for about half that.  It is only about 4-6 hours work for an experienced SHO mechanic. Some may question Ford charging $1,800 for 4 hours work when call girls don't charge that much but I assure you the experience has more than passing similarity. I don' t ever remember trusting my car to Fud service when I did not get pooched & over-billed in the process. Remember they guy in CA who was charged $23,000 to rebuild his SHO engine? - Buford

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