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Third Brake Light Removal

New 7/4/05

On 7/3/05, AdamBAnt@aol.com <AdamBAnt@aol.com  wrote:
I'm trying to take my third brake light, the lens itself is what i need to   extract. How the heck does that darned thing come apart? I'm suspecting i   might have to take the top half of the rear seat out, then that whole rear deck? But hopefully there is something i am missing and someone could fill me in!? Thanks in advance, and btw, i did do a google and didn't find anything.   Oh and if your wondering why i need to take it out, i got one of those SHO   stickers to put on it, so only SHO shines through when you brake....cool eh?   I have an extra one if anyone's interested.....well as long as i don't mess   up on my first try lol   

 Adam Phillips   97 Silver Frost   89k

I took on this project a while back. It is a lot of effort just to get to that thing, but worth it. So here is what you do: Take out the rear seat cushion. There are two hooks that hold it to the floor. Push down in the center of each half of the cushion and push back towards the rear of the car, then lift. It is not as hard as it sounds. Next you need to take out the other part of the rear seat. Fold the backs down, the pass-throughs to the trunk, you will see 4 bolts, take those out, then pull the back up towards to the roof then pull out towards yourself. It hooks into the rear deck. Next take out the carpeting on the rear deck along with the padding under it. Once you get there you will need to get into the trunk and push up on the brake light itself. There is a hook under there on the brake light itself. Don't break that. You will see how things come apart from there. Good luck.

-- Roman Steichen

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