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Tim Austin - Cam Failure

new 5/12/02

Hi, Tim

Well you can add one more to the death count. My wife drives a 1997 SHO. The car has 90,800 miles and has had Mobil One from the first oil change and that happens @ 3 to 4K as time permits. I have always been after her about not giving the engine time to get good oil pressure and lubrication to the top end. She jumps in and faster than you say "Start your engines" she's out the drive and flying up the street. I know she takes good care and trust me, she tells me about every noise this thing has, but I'm the one that noticed the "noise". I stayed up until 5am this morning researching this problem and happen on your website. It sounds like a new power stroke diesel. I pulled down this morning and so far with the front valve cover off, she's got the loose sprocket. I guess I'll go after the rear bank tonight. I think I'm going to pin the cam like the sho shop. Do you think I should pin all four? I guess I'll contact Ford, but after my nightmare on Expedition St., I don't think Ford cares past the sale. I can't believe I just said that, I do love the brand, but I'm not sure why. The only thing that keeps me with Ford was my Dad's love for the blue oval. We have the SHO, a 97' Exped., 93 Mustang Cobra, 1991 Ford Aerostar work van (212,000 trouble free miles) go figure? My Exped, has had a water leak @ windshield area and shorted out entire elect. system. You should see one of these when they try to start themselves and your no where near it. If it were not for my job and the fact that I carry tools (copier business) I'm sure this thing would have fried. Ford says " no recall for leaks" but I have a TSB with eleven pages with sealing problems around windshield. Sorry, I'm working off 2.5 hrs sleep and not thinking straight. I might ramble til morning again. Thanks a million for your site and all the help you provide to the un-knowing and blue oval drunkards!

Tim & Beverly Austin
1997 SHO
sn# 1FALP5N1VA123924
90798 miles
uses Mobil One 5w30
Ebony Satin (Black)

p.s. My wife thinks I should just rebuild it forever, she doesn't see herself driving anything else. (except my 93 vortech supercharged cobra when the ol'sho ain't up to the task). I'm hoping she'll spot a new Merc' Maurader and just go goo-goo for it! Thanks Tim Austin



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