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Tim Cox - Cam Failure

new 10/15/01

I started the engine tonight, keep in mind folks this car was ticking like crazy when it came in. After taking the engine apart we could actually move the cam sprockets back and forth, I was truly amazed this engine had not exploded . I realize also the experts involved in the cam sprocket problem will maybe tell me that this fix is a risk but after pulling the engine down and welding these cams and actually hearing the noise completely gone, it was a great feeling. We took the car down the road and drove it for about an hour. It ran flawless just as any SHO would do. We brought it back and decided to take it out again. the second time we stepped it up. We pushed the tach to 7,000 rpm between shifts and ran it up to about 135 mph. Folks I know there is doubt and I know there are plenty of people out there who will say it wont work or talk about specs and science and proof, but there was nothing like taking this car that was ready to come apart, fixing it and handing the keys back to a very happy customer.

CAM 3.JPG (84603 bytes)

CAM 4.JPG (61119 bytes)

CAM WELD.JPG (62792 bytes)

ENGINE TORN DOWN.JPG (85687 bytes)

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