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Tim Rice Cam Failure #390

new 4/19/2004, updated 4/20/2004

Thanks in advance for you help. I bought a 96 Silver Frost SHO with 33,513 miles on it, the slave sprocket on the front exhaust cam failed while idling resulting in bent #5 cylinder intake valves. No other damage detected. The purchase included a complete replacement engine from a wrecked unit (44,000 miles-unwelded) I have the replacement engine torn down to expose the cams for welding. I have a Master welder here in town who will come to my shop and do the deed.

He would like to know what type of material the cam and sprocket are made of, mild steel? Also, shouldn't the sprocket on the front bank exhaust cam be welded to the knurled thing and then the knurled thing welded to the camshaft
Do you have any pictures of a welded set of cams?

Thanks buddy, any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

Tim Rice


Here is some preliminary info, please register me, I will e-mail repair order information for the diag at the ford dealer in MD (where the failure occurred)

Timothy Alan Rice
Lynchburg, VA 24502

1996 SHO, Silver Frost
Mileage at failure 33,513
Failure occurred while idling in gear during warm operation (picking up parking lot receipt)
engine operating at 800 rpm stationary in gear (d), heard loud clacking noise, engine stumbled and would not re-start
dealer pulled front cam cover and found loose slave sprocket on front exhaust cam, bent valves (intake) on #5 cylinder

I'll be back in touch with more info, my folder is at home I'm at work now



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