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Timing Chain Marks Question

New 1/25/05

The manual states that the timing chain has marks to use in aligning the chain with the sprockets. On a V8SHO web article, it states that the chain has different colored links for alignment. I just removed the cams from a V8 and did not notice any different colors on any of the chains, but did notice tow links on each of the cam-to-cam chains marked as follows:

D G 28

Are these the timing marks? And are there equivalent marks on the main timing chain? If there are, how are they different for crank, cams, and balance shaft sprockets?

I always mark the chains and sprockets with white paint to aid in installation, but would be good to know if these chains are already marked.


There are no marks on the main chain. The secondary chain should have two slightly darker links that match the marks on the secondary gears.

Glen Murdock

Look very closely . The main chain (at least the ones I have experienced) have black links that are very hard to see . Wipe the chain down good to see them . Once you find one the rest will pop out at ya . The cam chains are marked w/pink or orange .

When I went to first install a main chain , it was a struggle . I didn't know about the black colored links . I started looking at the same chain I had looked at for about an hour and finally noticed the black links . It fell together after that and I've not wrestled w/one since . It's as if it only fits one way . Page 03-01C-80 in the 1996 supplement .


You may be right. The picture in the service DVD says to match the sprocket and chain timing marks on the main chain. I never noticed any marked links on my main chain. The secondary chains did have two darker links that aligned with the sprocket marks.

Glen Murdock

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