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Tire Mounting Procedure

new 11/26/2003

I often wonder what the correct procedure was and what the marks meant. Not that many of us do our own these days.....

When servicing wheels or tires, the following procedure for matching the tire and wheel must be followed to make sure that the best possible ride characteristics are maintained.

1. When removing a worn tire from a wheel, mark the valve location on the tire prior to removal.

2. If the original tire is to be remounted, index the valve mark on the tire to the valve of the original wheel. Go to Step 6.

If a new wheel is being installed, locate the tire matching point based on the valve position on the original wheel relative to its matching point described in Step 3.

3. Locate the matching point on the wheel.

Steel wheels: There is either a chartreuse or red sticker on the outside rim flange or, if the sticker is missing, a yellow paint mark in the dropwell of the rim that must be transferred to the outside rim flange.

Aluminum wheels: The matching point identified by a yellow paint mark located in the dropwell area of the wheel. If there is no yellow paint mark in the dropwell area, then the matching point is at the valve stem.

4. Locating the matching point on a new tire:

Many replacement tires as well as original equipment tires are marked for first harmonic matching to the wheel. These marks vary in type and color. Consult the tire dealer for details on mark identification.

5. Mount the tire on the wheel and line up the chartreuse paint mark or sticker on the new tire sidewall or the matching point of the original tire with the mark on the rim of the steel wheel or the tire valve of the aluminum wheel.

6. Inflate and balance the tire and wheel assembly.



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