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Tire Rubbing Noise

New 03/12/2005

I have been having some front end noise lately. I got what sounds like a tire rubbing noise when I slightly turn the wheel to either side this happens at any speed. Also when braking I have been getting some shaking from the front. My first thought is that the balance was gone so I brought the car in to the tire dealer last night they rebalanced all the tires and rotated them yet the same problem exists. They told me that I am having a cupping problem with the tires (anyone know what cupping is?) he said it could be caused by front end suspension problems. Has anyone ever had this similar problem and if so how can I fix this?
I am teaching my daughter how to drive and donít want any weird stuff going on with the car while trying to do so.
Thanks for any help!!
Jeff Ward
The tire rubbing noise- does it sound more like a growl? Does it make the noise only on a left or right turn? Sounds like a wheel bearing to me.

Shaking during braking is more than likely the rotors being warped but can also lead back to a bad wheel bearing.

Cupping can be caused by an unbalanced tire condition, faulty wheel bearings, loose parts, fatigued springs or weak struts. Check the condition of the strut by forcefully bouncing the front end of the car several times and releasing it on the down stroke. Failure of the vehicle to settle after two strokes suggests worn struts. If the tires are cupped there is no way to fix them, sure they are truing tires now (removing rubber) but you can buy new tires for the Cost of this procedure. Basically itís to late for these tires. One other side not about cupping.. watch your tire pressures in the winter, a soft tire with other contributing factors will cause the cupping as well or advance the dilapidation of the tire.
Kirk J Doucette

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