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Tom Wilson - Cam Failure

new 7/09/02

I have 97 SHO w/11100+ miles What a pain in the %&^$ I discovered on the front side of the engine. Cam's both were failing the exhaust side I could rotate the sprocket approx.3/16th of an in. & the intake aprox.1/8 the of an inch. So out of desperation I had to do the pinning myself. I used a Cobalt & Tungsten Carbide tip drill bit (5/32) I wanted to use a 1/8th in. but they only had the 5/32 in stock. and I used roll pins. But now that was fixed and I could hear, the other side is making the same noise. Thanks Ford! & Yamaha. This is not rocket science.

Tom Wilson

Timothy Wright wrote:

It may be rocket science, you know cam timing one degree is a whole lot, How do you know you drilled in just the perfect alignment?

Is that 111,000 miles or 11,100 miles????????

Sorry;111,000 miles . And I donít know if the alignment was correct? I just knew it was running when I took it apart, and I had to do something to keep it on the road, I drive quite a bit. I just rotated the sprocket approx. 1/2 the opposite direction.

Tom Wilson

It is rare to find someone of Tom's skills. Pinning sprockets at home using hand tools is not a recommended repair technique & I hope it works out well for Tom.

- Buford

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