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Townsend Shean - Cam Failure #335

new 1/19/04

Hi, I discovered you guys too late and have a failed cam. Ford dealer said that tech rep said I needed valve adjustment & charged and tune up. $1,500.00 later car fails after 300 miles. I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE CLASS ACTION.

Edward Townsend Shean 

'99 SHO
Purchased  JAN '00 AT WADE FORD ATLANTA THROUGH THE FORD PRE-OWNED WEB SITE VIN 1FAFP54N0XA232150 66,000 MILES Great car when it runs!

Car is now with my local garage. He works mostly on Jags, MB , BMW, and antiques, but seems to handle everything well. He is the one who found the club and V8 sites. He is going to drill & reset the cam, restart and see if there is any damange before going further.. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Townsend Shean

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