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Tranny Temp Sender

New 12/23/2004

Hi All,

I purchased an extra Tranny pan and want to weld my sender unit in to it but I would like to know where the best position would be. I know on the side but which side as I can't tell from any pictures of the tranny if any of the components actually hang down into the pan as I have never had it off. I bought the new pan cheap because the Tranny is still under warranty for a while yet but I want to get the sender and temp gauge up and running. Of course Ford says go ahead and install it as it will not void your warranty (Yeah Right). If something did go wrong with the Tranny while still under warranty I could just switch pans back out. If any one has some advice on the best position it would be much appreciated.
What kind of sender is it? What size? If it's a 1/8" NOT pipe thread, you can screw it right into the top of the tranny case (directly below the throttle body). There are several tranny pressure ports in the top that the sender will screw into. This is a lot easier than welding a bung into the tranny pan.

For a customer of ours, we installed a tranny temp warning light. The switch was 3/8" NOT and was too large to use these ports. So we welded a bung in the trailing edge of the pan. The light was installed by the ash tray and lights up if the tranny temp exceeds 220 degrees F. Killer installation too. Even has a bulb check feature that lets you know the light is working.

We should do this for a living.
Doug Lewis
Ford Performance Specialists Inc.
Atlanta Georgia (770) 949-7191
Though you did or living in Atlanta this is just a side line...

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