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Trans Go Shift Kit


While I've got it out and on the floor of the garage, it strikes me
now might be the time to put in a shift kit. I also welded a drain
fitting onto the bottom trans pan last night for easier future service

I believe the TransGo is the kit of choice these days. Is this still
the consensus?

What kit # and who has it in stock so I can have it by the weekend? I
know one of you anarchists.... oops, archivists has all this info handy

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded - With the Angels Now so that I don't have to be.
Long Live the Garage Queen !
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I would speak with Doug Lewis (FPS) about the shift kit.
He installs them on the trannies he rebuilds, so he could lead you in the right direction as far as the correct kit #'s

Stan Phillips
White '07
FPS Tranny Cooler

Id be interested also. Mine is out waiting for the new crank so now would be the time....

Trans-Go p/n is T86165H for AX4N 95-up. A little searching around will
find it, but I can't help with who has it in stock...

Jon "Anarchist" Heese

www.bulkpart.com  is where I bought mine.


I'll just make it easy for everyone.....(trans go)


and if you really want to get fancy.....(master rebuild kit)


in addition to the above, you would want to get a new TQ converter $~140 to 190 depending on the converter upgrades and vendor, new bushings, new torrington bearings, 1 or 2 sprags don't remember how many, 2 bands, upgraded pumpshaft and shaft bearing and most likely a new EPC solenoid as they are prone to failure. The EPC was updated in late 98 or early 99 to fix the failure issues, but I think it was only 99 that started to receive them.

Bushing kit runs $30, bands about $22, torrington bearings are $30, shaft and shaft bearing runs $40 (th upgraded shaft is way beefier an better lube), EPC was $70 , sprags $25


http://www.transmissionpartsusa.com/FORD_AX4N_Shift_kit_1995_on_p/500-000029935.htm  that is the right kit and the best price anywhere. I've used these guys before and was very very very happy with thier delivery speed and their help on the phone with some minor technical questions.

94 Opal Frost MTX -126k
96 TR 62k Cam almost Failed but saved
I would definitely 2nd the idea of replacing the pump shaft & bearing while you're in there.
I had mine go last year....was able to replace it with the tranny still in the car....lucky me.

Stan Phillips
White '97
FPS Tranny Cooler
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Larry Eck
Occasional Webmaster, www.v8sho.com 

What is it with Medium Graphites and stick shifts anyways?


Copy from TransGo description says that this kit is intended to be used as part of a rebuild. I've never done a shift kit in the AX4N, just figured it was similar to other kits I've done. I don't want to rip this tranny apart just to put in a shiftkit, just pull a pan or two off and unbolt a this or that. They make it sound like the parts are a little deeper in than that.

Who's done one already? Surface parts only or digging and gaskets required?

I did mine this past winter. Part of the Transgo kit includes a couple
drill bits, a tiny bushing, a "c" shaped wire clip, and instructions for
blocking some oil paths and opening up others on one of the planetarys, a
sun gear, and the main oil supply sleeve. There is also one oil hole
referenced that the average guy with a hand drill will probably not attack.
I used my drill press and an angle vise to do it. There is a note on the
instructions about not swapping out an accumulator spring if it is a SHO
tranny because that one is comparable. All of this is beyond the chain
cover. The rest of the kit is for the valve body. 



I have done them in both ax4s and ax4n's well been present and watching while it was done in an N, well for that matter the same is true for the S's too, but I've seen it done probably 3-4 times, and both the S kit and the N kit are very similar.

Valve body stuff is really easy and is accessible via the side pan only. the other lube improvements require pulling all the guts out from the long part of the case. Isn't too bad cause you don't have to take everything apart into individual parts, but you do have to drill some lube holes in the planets, and attach a spring to something down there that helps to make the lube spray in a fan pattern rather than just in a concise stream.

IIRC if you can take something apart and put it back together the same way it came apart you could do this kit. I think the valve body is the most difficult part cause of the tiny little check balls, and all that, but if you are methodical and pay attention to detail you can do this in about 3-4 hours tops.

I think I have the instructions in a PDF somewhere if you'd like to read them before hand to see if it is something you want to tackle.

If it were for my own car I'd tackle it, even given that I hate ATX trannys (I'm biased toward the MTX SHO trannys). I might put one in the tranny of my TR if I keep it for longer than just this winter, course labor is free to me :-)

Bruce Malachuck
An automatic transmission was the only major automobile component I had
never worked on before this one. After getting my first '96 a few years
back I also became addicted and figured since I had both a '96 SHO and a '96
LX that it would be "in for a penny; in for a pound." I bought a failed
tranny that had my second '96 SHO wrapped around it, made a tranny stand,
and borrowed the special tools and factory tranny manuals from the local
Ford dealer. I had no real trouble with the project but then my background
had more than prepared me for the task. In my opinion, access to the
special tools would be the biggest issue to ease of work and overall success
on the rebuild. Drop me your phone number and acceptable calling time and I
can go into more detail with you. 


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