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Transmission Temperature Gauge


A few of you guys have mentioned these in the past. I haven't had any
experience with one- on the SHO where and how do you mount the sensor?

The best place for the sensor is in the "EPC" port (IIRC that's what
it's called). Look on top of the trans case, and there are two pipe
plugs in the top of the case, not far from the side pan (approximately
below the water pump). The one closest to the radiator fans is the
one you want to remove and replace with the sensor. The pipe threads
on the plug and the sensor should be identical, so the swap is a piece
of cake. Given the chassis/ground path resistance in these cars, it's
a good idea to run a small ground wire from that area as well, even if
the sensor is the "one wire" variety. I was getting skewed readings
until I added the ground wire--I just used a ring terminal on one of
the side pan bolts to attach a #18 AWG ground wire. You'll want to
snake the wires under the TB and back through the firewall hole near
the brake booster.

Dan Carman


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