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Transmission Range Selector

New 4/24/05

Can anyone relate or help with this situation?

Last Sunday, I was going to a friend's house to go to a concert. When we got to his house, I put the SHO in park, nothing out of the ordinary. Well, I had to move the car and when I got back in it, I started her up and attempted to put the car in Drive… no such luck. The gear lever wouldn't budge. Well, I didn't move the SHO and didn't concern myself with it to much. When I was getting ready to leave, I got in the car and the same thing happened. I was finally able to put the car in gear only if I turn the key to the position before engaging the starter. I have to start the car in Neutral, and then place it in gear.

The cruise control also doesn't work, and the automatic locks will not engage. Everything else seems to work fine.

Any ideas?

Juan D.
97 PG

Bat transmission range sensor sometimes called the neutral safety switch. Easy to change. It is the fan shaped switch on top of the tranny. Be sure to have the car in neutral when changing it per instructions.

F6DZ-7F293-A $45 from FPN maybe cheaper somewhere else. It is not SHO specific.


TRS - Transmission Range Selector

I don't know anything about how-to, but it sure sounds like that's the problem.


And you need the 12 pin one if they ask.


Oh, yes--BOO switch indeed.  I didn't think of that.  :-)


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